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KitchenNet.com™ was created by JetNet Corporation, a company serving the meat and poultry processing industry for over 40 years and specializing in superior products used by food processors and industry professionals throughout the world.
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KitchenNet.com now offers these specialty and hard-to-find professional products online to food enthusiasts, restaurants, gourmet chefs, butchers and others in affordable, smaller quantities and at great discount prices. The many specialty products offered by KitchenNet.com are the very same products used in USDA inspected meat and poultry processing plants and therefore meet all federal standards for food packaging and processing.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer at the retail level and online the many products manufactured to meet the high demands of the professional chef and others within the food processing industry that want the best possible food preparation tools. Our focus is strictly in the area of food preparation and we will only offer products that meet our rigid quality standards and have been time proven to be the best in the industry. At KitchenNet.com we intend to make it easier for you to not only find specialty food processing items and other high quality products, but to also purchase them at the lowest possible price anywhere.

What makes KitchenNet.com different?

Many things. First, KitchenNet.com offers products that you won't easily find elsewhere such as meat netting and poultry trussing loops-items used by commercial food processors. Second, KitchenNet.com provides more detailed information and, in many instances, instructions and helpful hints on how to use its products. Third, our "useful links" section can put you into direct contact with our suppliers, authoritative food sources, major food magazines and even a link where you can print free grocery coupons. Fourth, KitchenNet.com offers an expanded special shopping feature that allows full access to all products offered by all of our suppliers. Fifth, KitchenNet.com adds new and unique items every week, offering an online shopping experience that you won't find anywhere else. And finally, KitchenNet.com is committed to personal service—so, if there is ever a problem we are not only one click away, you can actually call and speak with one of our representatives.

What if I can't find what I'm looking for?

Unlike other online marketers, KitchenNet.com will soon be offering an expanded shopping service that will allow for special orders on an expanded product list. If there is a particular product offered by one of our suppliers (see useful links), we can get it for you. For instance, certain lines within the Shun cutlery line also provide left-hand versions which we can obtain on special order and usually are able to ship within 7-10 days.

How do I know that I'm getting the best price?

Virtually every product offered at KitchenNet.com is sold at the lowest advertised price allowed by the manufacturer. You will not find a lower price anywhere. If in the rare instance you do, we would like to know about it. Please contact us at: marketing@kitchennet.com.

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