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 About KitchenCash

We appreciate your business. To demonstrate that, we are introducing our new KitchenCash™ reward program. When you shop at, we will send you a KitchenCash Gift Certificate worth 20% of the purchase price of all products in your order. That's cash you can earn every time you have an opportunity to shop with us . . . and use whenever you like. For more details about the program, read the Q&A below.

 KitchenCash Q&A

How do I earn KitchenCash?
When you place an order with us, we will send you a KitchenCash gift certificate worth 20% of the purchase price of all products in your order. For example, if your order totals $100, we'll send you a gift certificate worth $20.
Are there any restrictions?
Very few. Shipping, taxes and gift wrapping charges are not considered part of the purchase price and do not earn KitchenCash credit. Gift envelope & card and email gift certificate purchases are not eligible to earn KitchenCash. Discount Coupons excluded: The qualifying purchase price will be reduced by the value of any Discount Coupon used and applied to a purchase before calculating the KitchenCash credit. 
How do I redeem my KitchenCash Gift Certificate? 
Your gift certificate has a Redemption Code. Enter this code where indicated above and click the button to redeem it. The amount of your certificate will then be credited to your personal gift certificate account. You will also have another opportunity to redeem your certificate during Step 2 of the checkout process when you are making a purchase. 
How do I know how much I have in my Gift Account? 
Your available Gift Certificate Account Balance can be viewed in your personal "My Account" area. Log into and click “My Account.” Also, when you make a purchase, you will see your available balance at Step 2 of the checkout process. 
How do I use my KitchenCash? 
Once you redeem your KitchenCash gift certificate the amount will be added to your gift account balance. When you make a purchase, you will be able to apply those funds to your purchase at Step 2 of the checkout process. You can also use the balance in your gift account to send a personal KitchenNet Gift Certificate from you to someone else.  
Where can I use my KitchenCash? 
KitchenCash gift certificates can only be redeemed and used to purchase products offered at 
Will my KitchenCash gift certificate expire? 
Your KitchenCash gift certificate will never expire. 
Do I have to use my KitchenCash at once? 
No. You can make several different purchases and redeem several KitchenCash gift certificates over time before using those funds to make a purchase. Your balance can grow as high as you want before applying your funds to an order. It is a good idea to redeem your certificates at once, however, so the amounts get credited to your account right away. 
Can I transfer my KitchenCash gift certificate to someone else? 
Yes. Anyone can redeem the certificate you receive by using the redemption code. Also, you can send your own gift certificate to anyone you choose by drawing upon the funds deposited into your account after redeeming your gift certificate.  
What if I have problems? 
If you are having a problem, please contact us by phone at 877-707-3377 or by email at Please make sure you give as much information as possible in your email.  

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