JetTyer Small Stuffing Horn


A high quality applicator to apply netting quickly and easily

The Small Chef Model JetTyer™ stuffing horn or netting applicator provides a quick and easy method for applying a selection of smaller sized netting as indicated in the table below. Use the horn to apply netting to stuffed sausage, supersotta, or brocholle and similar items determined by the netting style and size selected. Can also be used for small stuffed poultry breast such as squab and quail. A great time saver that reduces the loss of natural juices. Easy to clean. The applicator is manufactured by JetNet from the finest grade stainless steel.

3-Stitch Cotton Netting - 14 Square - 3.5" working diameter »
  - 16 Square - 4.0" working diameter »
  - 18 Square - 4.5" working diameter »
5-Stitch Cotton Netting - 10 Square - 3.0" working diameter »
  - 14 Square - 4.0" working diameter »
  - 16 Square - 4.5" working diameter »
  - 18 Square - 5.0" working diameter »
*Click on a netting size above for full usage information.

Applying Netting: Simply slide the netting over the narrow end of the horn and push your food through the wide end, working the netting over the food as it exits the horn to securely encase the food. Trim any excess netting and it is ready for the oven.

Chef Model Dimensions
Front Opening 3.50 inch
Rear Opening 5.00 inch
Expansion 5.00 inch
Length 16.00 inch
Overall Height 7.50 inch

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