JetNet 3-Stitch/24 Square/6.5 inch Diameter Netting


JetNet Netting for a Unique and Attractive Presentation

This style and netting size is excellent to use on all boneless meats weighing between 9lbs to 11lbs. Perfect to use with boneless pork fresh hams, large stuffed turkey breast, and stuffed boneless veal leg. (Netting is sold in lengths of 75 feet - measured under tension.)

JetNet Meat and Poultry Netting Benefits of JetNet Netting:
  • Ease of application
  • Speed - faster than hand-tying
  • Attractive appearance
  • Uniform cooking — eliminates voids
  • Inner-basting
Use JetNet brand elastic netting anytime you want to create a unique presentation and experience for your dining guests. Unlike conventional hand-tying, JetNet elastic netting maintains uniform pressure surrounding the roast as it shrinks during the cooking process, assuring optimal results by eliminating voids and retaining maximum moisture and flavor. You can stuff and roll a roast, for example, and inner baste by injecting tenderizer or seasoning to the inside before cooking.

Applying Netting: Netting can be easily applied using JetTyer™ Applicators/Stuffing Horns from JetNet. Suggested applicator/horn size for this size netting:
Large Netting Applicator
CHL Model/Large »
Extra Large Netting Applicator
CXHL Model/Extra Large »

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