Camerons Cedar Grilling Planks


Provide an Aromatic Smokey Flavor

Outdoor Grilling at its Best! - Set of 4 Planks
The planks allow seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables to roast slowly, basting in their own juices, creating a subtle smokey flavor. No fat or oil should be added, as the moisture from the plank keeps your food juicy and flavorful with no nutrient loss.


  • The Grilling Planks come with full instructions and 7 tasty recipes on the packaging.
  • They can be used two or three times before discarding.
  • 4 Planks in each pack.
  • Planks are cut specially to fit in a regular sink for easy soaking.
Cedar Planks cut to 7 by 13 inches in size so that they fit into a regular sink for soaking are a great easy way to barbeque and get the wood smoke flavor we crave. Soak for 20 minutes, then place your fish, meat, poultry or vegetables on the plank and place on the preheated grill. See instructions for cooking times. Each plank can be reused about three times.

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